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At Medium, we’re all about discovering and nurturing great writing. That’s why we’re happy to announce The Medium Writers Challenge. This challenge, which will take place over the next four weeks, is a chance for you to share your best ideas with an esteemed panel of judges and millions of Medium readers — plus, an opportunity to win $50,000.

Here’s how it works: We’re providing four prompts to help guide your writing. Select one or more to write to, then publish your story on Medium with the relevant tag.

At the end of the four weeks, and with the help…

Find your reader


Last November, we published a post to the Creator’s Hub titled “A Guide to Making the Most of Your Medium Profile.” In it, we detailed a number of ways for you to add some shine to your profile. One of the sections in that post focused on your Medium bio. It’s that section that I want to expand upon today. Here are three things every bio should do, and why.

Tell us who you are

Getting readers to feel like they know and trust you as a writer is an important prerequisite to building a deeper relationship with them. …

The Supreme Court rules in favor of Americans’ right to protest. Today, the Court threw out a lower court opinion against Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson that cut to the heart of Americans’ right to free speech.

In McKesson v. Doe, an unnamed Louisiana police officer sought damages from McKesson after an unidentified protester threw a “rock-like” object, striking the officer’s face, resulting in injuries to his jaw and head. While McKesson was not the person who threw the object, the officer argues that because he organized the protest, he is liable for his injuries.

As Emerson Sykes, a…

Readers share the words that defined this year for them, from the profound to the personal

A lot happened in 2018—and not just politically, though that certainly is where one’s mind tends to wander. This was a year that invited introspection; a year that forced many to remember that the things shaping the national and global conversation are the aggregate of millions of personal stories: a pointillist painting of individual experience.

And those personal stories are precisely what we wanted to hear. …

Great Escape

We flee reality by documenting our lives on social media. VR is one of the few new technologies that forbid it.

Illustration: Rui Ricardo

“Take everything out of your pocket,” the attendant says. “Wallet, keys, phones — all of it.” I look at him quizzically. “Yes,” he reiterates. “Your phone. Put it in the locker.”

I had just made my way through three floors of wax figures and tourists at Madame Tussauds in Times Square to get here. Crowds of people stood posing beside lifeless celebrities, throwing up peace signs and pretending to kiss them on the cheek. Madame Tussauds is a place tailor-made for pulling out your phone and taking a picture. But I’m not here for the soulless wax-embalmed statues. …

Nate Goldman

Audience development @ Medium

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